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The Art of Oneself, Integrity

Integrity is a heart of gold,
The size of the soul,
The respect to break the mold,
To never fold,
Never be sold,
On being anything but the bold.

Integrity is to be your best,
A brother, sister, father, mother and the rest,
Challenge the common and take the test,
Stand above and show you're blessed.

Integrity is to be who you should
Do what you said you could;
Be where you said you would;
Stand like your heroes stood.

Integrity it to be undeniable;
Have a heart that's viable;
A mind that's respectable;
And a soul that's humble.

Integrity is to be true;
Be the few;
One that breaks through;
Not to deny the new,
Or hate and rue,
But to be you.

--- Zac Frewert, 1st Place UNR Ignite Integrity Contest